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Wednesday 27 April 2016

Due to its enormous scale, its impacts on the local and regional environment, and the consequences for climate change if it proceeds, the Carmichael Coal Mine proposed by Indian resources group Adani has been strongly opposed by conservationists and has been the subject of multiple court cases. The mine and some of the litigation against it have received heavy media coverage.

This seminar is presented by a barrister involved in several of the cases against the mine, Dr Chris McGrath. He will examine the implications for environmental law and policy in Australia of the approval of the mine in the midst of the massive coral bleaching event currently damaging the Great Barrier Reef. The issues discussed will include the misuse of adaptive management and environmental offsets.

For background information on the mine, see Dr McGrath’s website.

About the Speaker

Dr Chris McGrath is a barrister and a Senior Lecturer (Environmental Regulation) at the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management, UQ.
He has acted and is currently acting as counsel in litigation against approval of the Carmichael Coal Mine in the Land Court of Queensland and the Federal Court of Australia.

(The seminar and audio was captured via desktop recording)


61A-Senate Room Brian Wilson Chancellery St Lucia Campus QLD

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