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Helping UQ researchers secure large-scale research funding
Helping UQ researchers secure large-scale research funding
The Global Change Institute (GCI) is a unique Australian research collaboration. Our mission is to draw together expertise from across UQ, industry, government and the community to address grand challenges and build a strong Australia within a competitive global economy. The GCI works to deliver research-driven discoveries across five key impact areas.
Designed to encourage new thinking about how we can live and work in a low-carbon world, the GCI Living Building is a flagship sustainability project of The University of Queensland. As a pilot for sustainable designs of the future, the GCI building is a living example of what measures we can take to minimise the amount of energy we consume and still enjoy a vibrant, healthy, working environment.
With diminishing wild fisheries and the imperative to reduce human impacts on our oceans, the world is turning to aquaculture to meet future demands. Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production sector globally, and is expected to deliver more than a quarter of the world’s protein by 2050.
Climate change, natural disasters and the pandemic all reinforce the need to pivot the agrifood sector in a changing landscape. Protected cropping uses controlled facilities for growing plants, regardless of external conditions and climatic extremes.

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