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The workspaces challenge

Organisations globally face a range of complex, evolving challenges to ensure that the physical and virtual workspaces used by their employees enable a healthy, engaged, productive and agile workforce.

Recent rapid increases in working-from-home, the use of blended, hybrid, distributed and agile work environments and the changing function of the workspace have revealed new challenges and opportunities.

Organisations around the world are seeking evidenced-based solutions that enable them to effectively respond to evolving trends, market forces, legislative requirements, and unforeseen events.

Our invitation to you

The University of Queensland invites you to participate in an invitation-only, executive-level discussion and workshop with key stakeholders and leading experts about the changing world of work, and how physical and virtual work environments can help address new challenges and opportunities.

Participation will enable you to:
  1. Learn from different stakeholders about their physical, virtual, agile, hybrid and distributed workspace-related challenges

  2. Share your organisation’s workspace-related experience and challenges (to the extent that you are able)

  3. Identify and connect with other organisations interested to collaborate on solutions to identified challenges.

Participating organisations include senior representatives from large employers; leading design, construction, technology, health, well-being, culture, insurance, and regulatory organisations; and leading UQ researchers.

This event has been coordinated by the Global Change Institute's Next-generation Workspaces Research Network.

Workshop 1

Tue 13 Jul 2021 9:00am3:00pm
This workshop is now fully subscribed.


Hawkin Engineering (50)
St Lucia