Next-generation workspaces

The Next Generation Workspaces Network is a unique coalition of leading researcher, industry and government partners committed to accelerate development of innovative physical and virtual workspace-related solutions that enable organisations to achieve their productivity, workforce well-being and agility requirements.

Led by UQ, the network assembles the different stakeholders and disciplines required to effectively develop, test and apply solutions to this complex challenge.

The challenge

The challenge

There is an increasing number of global forces and changes impacting the nature of work, who undertakes it, how it is undertaken and the environments and locations it occurs.

COVID-19 has increased both the speed and impact of many of these changes, and has also increased organisations’ need to adjust to deal with their impacts. Importantly, these changes present both challenges and opportunities for organisations, workers, policy makers and regulators.

Accordingly, there is increasing demand for new strategies, models and tools that enhance the way we design, build, use, manage and regulate workplaces.

Identified needs

Identified needs

Engagement with employers, employees, representative bodies, service providers, policy makers and regulators have identified a range of outcomes / benefits that innovative physical and virtual workspace strategies, models, designs, approaches and tools could deliver.

Technology and digital transformation are altering how and where we work; promoting hybrid work, teleworking, involuntary working from home, and blurring boundaries between home and office.

This GCRN will draw together researchers with expertise in fields such workplace physical and mental health, labour regulation, urban design and planning, productivity and efficiency and conflict management alongside stakeholders including workplace health and safety as well as the insurance industry.

This Global Change Research Network is supported by the GCI and led by the School of Business.