About GCI

GCI's challenge-based research networks are underpinned by capabilities across a range of disciplines alongside external stakeholders to develop a wholistic approach to research challenges.

The Global Change Institute fosters the development of pathways to research impact, and works to progress that development.

GCI is currently developing research networks around: digital health, next-generation workplaces, and protected cropping.

Development of far-reaching research impact is also under way in GCI's Collaborative Research Initiatives (CRIs).

Selected after consultation with UQ research leaders, these initiatives include world-leading investigation in areas such as:

  • Sexual and gendered violence
  • Anti-microbial resistance (AMR), Environment and Animals
  • Building better cities
  • Energy cost and security, and
  • 360 Kids.

We plan to announce details regarding the parameters, objectives and research networks of these CRIs in early 2022.


Model of impact