About GCI

GCI's challenge-based research networks are underpinned by capabilities across a range of disciplines alongside external stakeholders to develop a wholistic approach to research challenges.

The Global Change Institute fosters the development of pathways to research impact.

The institute is currently developing research networks around: digital health, next-generation workplaces, and protected cropping.

Model of impact

Research Impact Nexus

  • Maximising the opportunity to deliver meaningful impact from our research by enabling collaboration with stakeholders throughout the research process -- from defining the challenge, to co-designing the research programs and planning pathways to impact.
  • Designing and facilitating effective collaboration between diverse disciplines and external partners from industry, government and community.
  • Using design thinking to create the foundation for effective collaboration, which enables diverse stakeholders to co-design programs of research to address global challenges.

For more information, please contact GCI Research Impact Nexus Manager Dr Crighton Nichols.