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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Despite mounting evidence that climate change poses significant threats to global food systems, climate risks to food security still tend to be framed as largely concerns for developing nations. Severe flood events in vital farming districts in south-east Queensland in 2011 and 2013, however, were clear reminders of food security threats closer to home.

Fresh food systems have quite specific characteristics – requiring the daily production and supply of highly perishable food stuffs: fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, meat and milk. Jane’s research asks how key players in Australia’s fresh food system have responded to recent natural disasters; whether climate risks are recognized to be increasing due to climate change; and what actions are being taken to cultivate climate change resilience within our food system? In this seminar, Jane will discuss results from her interviews with people directly involved in fresh vegetable supply chains in south-east Queensland. Her presentation will outline the implications of recurrent flood events, how recent disasters and future climate risks are constructed by supply chain actors, and how climate risk resilience is influenced by supply chain governance arrangements.

About the speaker:
Jane has worked with Queensland's fruit and vegetable growers' industry association, Growcom, since 2001 where she has coordinated policy development and program delivery in the areas of sustainable farm management, irrigation water use efficiency, reef water quality protection, climate adaptation, and natural disaster preparedness and resilience. Jane currently manages Growcom's Women in Horticulture initiative, supporting women in the industry to hone their business skills and leadership capabilities. Before this, Jane worked with the Fitzroy Basin Association, facilitating a community-driven process to develop a strategic plan for sustainable natural resource management in Central Queensland. Jane is working towards her M Phil with the School of Social Science at the University of Queensland, researching responses to natural disasters and emerging climate risks amongst members of Queensland’s fresh produce supply chains. Her analysis will explore whether these responses are helping to build resilience to climate change in fresh food systems.


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