Date & Time: 
Wednesday 26 October 2016

The global energy markets are in a period of significant and unprecedented change. Coal has long been a staple of the energy markets and a fundamental part Queensland’s economy but has fallen from favour in many markets. A global transition away from thermal coal could damage the communities dependent on thermal coal extraction and generation and will impact the broader Queensland economy.

The likelihood and pace of this clean energy roll out is uncertain and the recent events in the South Australian energy markets are symptomatic of challenges facing many energy markets around the world. Political leaders are asking whether an accelerated transition away from fossil fuels is desirable or even possible.

This seminar will look at the global technology, market and investment trends driving the pace of the transition to clean energy and what this might do to the coal sector. This seminar will focus on market and investment trends rather than on the lively political and ethical debates around the role of coal as an energy source.  

About the Speaker

Brad Hopkins is a Director at KPMG in Brisbane and has over 10 years international experience investing in commodities, clean energy and energy efficiency projects and companies.  He has worked for Macquarie Bank in the UK as an investor and adviser to a range of clients in the UK, Ireland, China, Chile and South Africa. This work has included the development and construction of greenfield energy assets, debt and equity financing of existing assets, and the financing of energy efficiency programs within the public sector.

He has been an active contributor to policy across the energy sector in the UK and Australia and is currently an adviser to Queensland’s Renewable Energy Expert Panel and to various energy companies in Australia. Brad has undertaken a Master of Science focused on energy policy design at the London School of Economics.

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