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Tuesday 6 August 2019
Evening Seminar and Panel Discussion

Please join us for a fascinating evening as thought-leaders share their ideas about what a new economy should look like by 2030. Speakers from different disciplines will share short summaries of what they think the economy should look like in 10 years’ time – including the future of work, sustainability and social justice – and what actions need to be taken now, if we’re to achieve a new economy.

The Brisbane event is part of a series of evening seminars being organised by the New Economy Network Australia (NENA) and its partners in cities and towns around Australia, between June and September 2019.

NENA is joined by the UQ Human Rights Consortium in hosting this event.

The discussions are aimed at stimulating conversation among members of civil society about what type of future we wish to build, and what changes need to happen now, to achieve that future.

Participants will be invited to join the discussions, and share their own ideas through an interactive session and online survey.


• MC – Dr Michelle Maloney
Co-Founder and Director, NENA and Director, NENA (New Economy Network Australia), and National Convenor, Australian Earth Laws Alliance

Prof. Karen Hussey
Director of the Centre for Policy Futures located in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at The University of Queensland. Trained as a political scientist and economist, Karen undertakes research in the field of public policy and governance, with a focus on water and energy security.

Prof. Kristen Lyons
Trained as a sociologist, Kristen works in Uganda, Solomon Islands and Australia, and her work is grounded in a rights-based approach. Her current work includes a focus on Human Rights and Climate Change.

Prof. Greg Marston
Greg Marston is a Professor of Social Policy and Head of Dept, School of Social Science at The University of Queensland. His research interests include poverty and inequality, the politics of policy-making and social service delivery models. He is presently undertaking research into conditional welfare, climate change and social policy and employment pathways for people with disabilities. His most recent books are a co-edited collection on Basic Income in Australia and New Zealand (2016); Work and the Welfare State: Street-Level Organizations and Workfare Politics (2013); and The Australian Welfare State: Who Benefits Now (2013).

Amelia Salmon, Just Earth Social Enterprise
Amelia is a social entrepreneur and has worked for decades as an advocate for community development and economic empowerment. Her background includes: founder and manager of Just Earth; co-founder SPIRAL Community Hub, a local community development cooperative; co-founder and former Chairperson of the Qld Social Enterprise Council (QSEC).

Prof. John Quiggin
Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Fellow in Economics at The University of Queensland. He is prominent both as a research economist and as a commentator on Australian and international economic policy. His new book, Economics in Two Lessons: Why Markets Work and Why they can Fail so Badly, was released in April 2019 by Princeton University Press.

Rob Pekin, Food Connect
Rob created Food Connect Brisbane (FCB) in 2005, and is a business and community leader in fair food systems, community supported agriculture, social enterprises and community investment.

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