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Monday 26 February 2018

Northern Australia is a highly productive part of the country with substantial opportunities for further targeted development.

This region makes a substantial contribution to the Australian economy, particularly through the agriculture, mining and tourism industries.

The region is also characterised by pristine environments, including the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, and provides a gateway to broader markets and opportunities in Asia.

Key priorities for this region include the development of this northern trade gateway, a diversified economy which supports Indigenous entrepreneurs and business, world-class infrastructure, and world leading research and innovation.

But realising this future requires strategies that will improve collaboration between multiple stakeholders, and effective methods for using these multi-stakeholder perspectives to co-create solutions to complex regional challenges.

Professor Alan Irwin of the Copenhagen Business School is currently visiting Australia to present a series of workshops and lectures on multi stakeholder perspectives for transformational innovation. Professor Irwin is a world leading expert in the fields of science and technology policy, scientific governance, environmental sociology, and science-public relations to bear upon best practice for developing and shaping multi-stakeholder perspectives on transformative innovation.

In this seminar, Professor Irwin will discuss the challenges and complexity of managing our northern Australian resources and how integrated transdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approaches will play a role in bringing about transformative innovation.

Please join us at this special event and stay for light refreshments post seminar to continue the discussion.


Global Change Institute Seminar Room 275 Saint Lucia, QLD 4067
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