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Monday 20 August 2018

Come along and be part of an exciting new initiative at the UQ Global Change Institute that seeks to transform our attitude to plastic.

UQ Sustainability week (20-24 Aug) is an opportunity to remind ourselves what we as individuals can do to reduce the environmental burden of plastic.

As an independent source of innovative research, ideas, policy and advice for addressing the challenges of a changing world, the UQ Global Change Institute (GCI) seeks to raise awareness of the growing concerns scientists have for the ubiquitous presence of plastic in the natural environment, which inevitably finds its way into the ocean (Hardesty, Lawson, Velde, Landsdell, & Wilcox, 2017).

The UQ Global Change Institute is supporting a grass roots Precious Plastic initiative. By donating your plastic milk bottle tops, you'll be helping Precious Plastic volunteers to establish an exciting new people-powered plastic recycling project on the St Lucia campus.

Donate your plastic bottle tops

To reduce the burden of plastic, we all have to become more knowledgeable about the different types of plastic in use around the world. During the first stage of the project, we’re looking for donations of  High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic milk-bottle tops.  These are easy to identify as they have what the plastic industry calls a specific ‘resin identification code’. In this case, a figure two within a triangle of arrows on the underside of the bottle top (see figure).

Start collecting HDPE tops now and bring them to the display at the Global Change Institute during UQ Sustainability Week 20-24 August

HDPE bottle tops are common and plentiful; anyone can carry a bunch of them in their pocket. Coincidentally they're also an ideal plastic feedstock because they can be easily re-fabricated into other forms. Bring along your HDPE bottle tops to the GCI display and the people from Precious Plastic will show you how to convert your tops into useful objects such as smart phone covers, hand grips, lamp shades and more.

Visit the Global Change Institute and meet the plastic people during UQ Sustainability Week

During Sustainability Week we'll also be showing Precious Plastic videos  plus there will be two Brisbane City Council displays highlighting the latest in recycling tips, while volunteers from the Brisbane chapter of Precious Plastic will be on hand each day (11.30 am - 1.30 pm) to explain how we can help the world combat plastic pollution.

See you there :)

Discover what you can do with plastic at the Global Change Institute


Hardesty BD, Lawson T, Velde T, Lansdell M, & Wilcox C (2017). Estimating quantities and sources of marine debris at a continental scale. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 15(1), 18-25.

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