Carpe Futurum

Carpe Futurum

1 April 2022 9:30am1:00pm
At Carpe Futurum, a special youth research forum on 1 April 2022, facilitator and fantasy writer Professor Kim Wilkins will immerse you in imaginative games to create a vision of the future you want to inherit.

Prof. Ian Scott

Grand Round

23 November 2021 12:00pm12:45pm
What’s needed to mainstream AI into clinical practice?
Oliver Canfell, PhD

Real-time digital disruption of healthcare in a new digital hospital

26 October 2021 12:30pm1:30pm
Digital transformation of healthcare rarely unfolds as predicted. Postdoctoral researcher Oliver Canfell will reveal insights from an observational study at STARS hospital soon after its Go-Live in 2021: What is our understanding of clinical behaviour in a new digital hospital? How has our understanding changed? What does this mean for clinicians and patients?
Co-design panel discussion

Co-designing high-impact research to address complex challenges

22 October 2021 12:00pm
Co-design panel discussion with special guests Professor Kim Wilkins, Professor Brian Head, Associate Professor Kate O'Brien and Professor Barbara Masser, exploring the why, what, and how of co-designing high-impact research to address complex challenges.
Research Nexus: Strategic planning workshop


21 October 2021 12:00pm
The workshop will explore the relationship between strategy and culture by introducing activities to explore the co-creation of shared values and a vision for success, and touch on the need for back-casting to identify key challenges and the pathways to overcome barriers to meaningful impact.
Professor Andrew Burton-Jones

About Interim Insights from a Longitudinal Study of Digital Transformation

28 September 2021 12:30pm1:30pm
This Grand Round Series lecture is presented by Andrew Burton-Jones, Professor of Business Information Systems at the University of Queensland (UQ) Business School. Prof. Burton-Jones studies the governance of digital transformation and the effective use of electronic medical records.
Research co-design masterclass

Masterclass panel discussion on co-designing research with impact at scale

15 September 2021 10:00am1:00pm
Join us in a masterclass panel discussion with Hugh Possingham, Laurie Buys, Andrew 'Alf' Garnett, and Cristyn Meath as we explore the why, what, and how of co-designing high-impact research at scale to address complex challenges. In-person and online.
 Deputy Director General, Queensland Department of Environment and Science, Professor Karen Hussey

The Queensland Government’s Environment and Science Portfolio: Linking policy to research

17 February 2021 10:00am10:45am
Professor Karen Hussey, Deputy Director General Queensland Department of Environment and Science, has kindly agreed to brief UQ researchers on Queensland Government policy within the environment portfolio. A respected political scientist and economist – and inaugural director of the UQ Centre for Policy Futures before taking up her current role with DES – Professor Hussey's research focuses on policies, institutions and governance arrangements for sustainability.