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Tuesday 28 July 2015

Over 70% of Australia's agricultural income is derived from exports. While the trade of surplus agricultural production is regarded as a cornerstone in economic development, the world food market remains tightly regulated and protected. With on-going protectionism and the Doha Round failing to reach any consensus on agriculture at a multilateral scale, countries have been engaging in bilateral and plurilateral agreements (agreements) to bypass the impasse.

In Australia's case these side agreements tend to lock-in some notional improvement in market access or reductions in import tariffs at some point in the distant future, which appear to reward protectionism. Additionally these agreements go well beyond agriculture and aim to harmonise regulations and business practices between economies. Recent trade agreements have been completed within fixed time periods and during their development these deals are void of public scrutiny. This approach to developing trade deals may create unintended consequences.

It has been reported that business leaders in the USA already have access to the documentation of Australian next major trade deal the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). To-date Australian businesses do not have access to this document. This talk explores the possible consequences to agriculture and the wider economy from the TPP.

About the speaker:

David Adamson is a senior research officer at the Risk and Sustainable Research Group, School of Economics, at The University of Queensland. David has spent the last decade working on water issues on the Murray-Darling Basin for Professor John Quiggin. During this time he has been commissioned to work on The Garnaut Climate Change Review and the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. Despite these opportunities he can still be found tinkering with issues in trade, agriculture and biosecurity. David is a 2015 Endeavour Research Fellow and a 2015 AIBE Fellow who is heading to the UK in August to work on zoonotic diseases and issues associated with food borne diseases and international trade.

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