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Monday 2 December 2019

September 2019 marked the successful conclusion of the inaugural ten-year Directorship of the UQ Global Change Institute (GCI) by Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg FAA.

As one of Australia’s leading marine scientists, Ove will continue to make an outstanding contribution to marine research at UQ, but we would also like to mark and acknowledge his many achievements at the GCI.

Ove and institute have worked to address the impacts of climate change and population growth through collaborative research across themes such as clean energy, food systems, sustainable water, and healthy oceans.

In addition, the GCI raised tens of millions of dollars for innovative projects across key areas of global change as well as scores of student scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships.

With the philanthropic support of leading environmentalist and UQ alumnus Graeme Wood, the institute established its headquarters in the GCI Living Building, itself a flagship example of sustainability in design for The University of Queensland.

The GCI has also acted as a voice of independent innovative research, ideas, policy and advice for addressing the challenges of a changing world. Its talented staff attracted significant resources to UQ for forward facing global research – such as establishing the largest experimental solar array in the world and pursuing research projects across 29 countries.

Under Ove’s leadership, the GCI has also worked extensively with both the public and private sectors and played an influential role in creating and shaping the national and global dialogue on climate change.

Please join us from 5.30 pm on Monday, 2 December to acknowledge the contribution and achievements Ove and his team have made to the GCI during the past ten years.

Limited places available.

To assist us with catering arrangements, we ask that you RSVP before COB Friday, 29 November.

Atrium, Level 2 Building 20, St Lucia UQ Global Change Institute The University of Queensland
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