Date & Time: 
Thursday 4 August 2016

South Australia is at the front-line of how to incorporate large volumes of renewable energy while maintaining reliability and system security, given issues related to renewable intermittency in an energy-only market. Wind generation comprises about one-third of total electricity load and about one-quarter of all residential properties have installed embedded solar PV generation.

Presented by AGL's Head of Economics, Policy and Sustainability Tim Nelson, this seminar examines the dynamics of South Australian market finds that decarbonization-related policy objectives for the Australian electricity system are unachievable with continued reliance upon an energy-only market.

To avoid extreme pricing volatility and possible security of supply issues, it is vital that Australia urgently review its energy market frameworks to ensure they are better integrated with climate change policies.

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About the Speaker:

Mr Tim Nelson is the Head of Economics, Policy and Sustainability at AGL Energy. In this role, Tim is responsible for:  AGL’s sustainability strategy; greenhouse accounting and reporting; AGL’s economic research; AGL’s corporate citizenship program, Energy for Life; and energy and greenhouse policy.

Tim is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Griffith University and has had around thirty papers published in Australian and international peer-reviewed journals. He has presented at conferences in Australia and throughout Asia and Europe. Tim holds a first class honours degree in economics and is a chartered secretary. 

Seminar Room 275, Building 20 Staff House Road ST LUCIA QLD

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