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Tuesday 13 October 2015

Mankind is at a crossroads. We need to increase food production by 70% by 2050 in theface of climate change, increased water and fertiliser demand, declining arable land area,environmental degradation and an affluent and rapidly-growing population with inequality risingquickly. But what about the one billion now living in poverty; many with insufficient money to buyfood and go to bed hungry every night yet we waste sufficient food that would feed these andmillions more. But are we as individuals prepared to put our shoulder to the wheel and give thepoor the opportunity to improve their lot. Or will we continue on the well-worn pathway in an increasingly selfish consumer society rapidly using up our diminishing resources?

David Farrell has just published "Can We Feed The Future Before The Well Runs Dry?" as an ebook.This ambitious project is the culmination of years of research, in which he cast a very wide net to explore the roots of poverty and inequality which prevent many of the world’s poor from accessing food, the poor governance and corruption which leads to misallocation of resources, as well as the technical challenges and environmental threats to meeting future food needs, and importantly, a
broad range of actions which can contribute to the solution.


Associate Professor David Farrell, School of Agriculture & Food Sciences UQ

David was raised on a farm in Ireland, studied Agricultural Science in Canada before moving to Australia, where he has had a long and successful career in livestock and nutrition research.

Along the way he has lived and worked in many developing countries. Retirement has allowed him to take a more holistic approach to the problem of food security, culminating in the publication of “Can we feed the future”.

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