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Tuesday 7 June 2016

This seminar will explore the coming transition from a fossil-fueled economy to one fueled by renewable energy sources.  Drawing on nearly ten years’ experience teaching ‘Global Sustainable Energy’, Dr Porter will incorporate this knowledge into a framework that helps us to plan the way forward.  Any nation or region can use the past to construct a clear picture of the current status of local energy systems.  Such a picture would include consumptive use patterns for all fossil fuels and end-use sectors. Consumptive use patterns coupled with energy efficiency goals, disruptive technologies and commodity transitions can be used to describe the beginning steps for any realistic energy transition plan. These ideas will then be integrated with current and future renewable energy trends to describe the energy systems of our future.  Time frames will be integral to the conclusion of the presentation.


Dr Porter is a Lecturer and Undergraduate Advisor with the Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department of the University of Florida.  Dr Porter teaches many energy related courses, one of which; Global Sustainable Energy, is taught online.  This course has been updated and ported to the Coursera massive open, online course platform (MOOC) and has been taught to over 60,000 students.  Dr Porter’s research activities concern energy efficiencies from a systems point of view and transformation from fossil-fueled economies to ones based on renewable energy.

Dr Porter has been a registered professional engineer since 1987 and has worked as an engineer for over 30 years.  He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and received his PhD in Agricultural and Biological Engineering in 2003.  His energy engineering work includes water and wastewater facilities, renewable energy systems, food processing and residential housing.

Previously Dr Porter has worked in a wide variety of industries including aerospace and engineering consulting.  As a consultant he provided energy conservation expertise to citrus processing plants.  His work in the aerospace industry included thermal analysis of flight and ground support hardware for the International Space Station.

Global Change Institute Seminar Room 275 Staff House Rd ST LUCIA QLD

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