Collaborative Research Initiative: Electric VehiclesElectric Vehicles - GCI

To realise and maximise the new opportunities presented byelectric vehicles, bold thinking and evidenced-based planningand investment is required.Initiative overview for government and industry partners.

Collaborative Research Initiative: Battery Opportunity Battery Opportunity - GCI

Household and business battery adoption: The Global Change Institute and The University of Queensland are partnering with public, private and not-for-profits to establish several Customer Battery Living Labs to answer critical battery adoption, usage, impact and user questions.Initiative overview for partners.

Carpe Futurum  Your chance to influence UQ’s future research agenda

To celebrate Youth Week 2022, UQ and the Queensland Government invite UQ students under 25 to brainstorm the most pressing research questions we need to resolve for the future.

At Carpe Futurum, a special youth research forum on 1 April 2022, facilitator and fantasy writer Professor Kim Wilkins will immerse you in imaginative games to create a vision of the future you want to inherit.
Together, you’ll generate some of the research questions that will need to be answered to allow your ideal future to become a reality.

As well as being able to influence the direction of future UQ research, participants will be eligible to apply for research scholarships valued at up to $5000 each.