Since 2009, Cathy has worked in management and stakeholder engagement roles in university research funding environments; before that she held positions in the pharmaceutical and health care sector in the UK and USA.

Her former roles include Business Engagement Partner for the Medical School at the University of Birmingham, where she fostered research collaborations and partnerships with major pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies such as Glaxo Smith Kline, Bristol Myers Squibb, Astra Zeneca and Pfizer.

Since joining UQ in 2019 and taking on the role of Research Development Manager at UQ Centre for Clinical Research, she has built trusted relationships with UQ researchers and developed strong transdisciplinary research networks across several UQ Faculties and Institutes and with partners such as Metro North and South, RBWH foundation, Herston Imaging Research Facility (HIRF), QIMR, Queensland and Australian Government Departments.

In addition to her engagement experience, Cathy has played a major role in strategic planning, performance monitoring and the development of project management systems across the Higher Education and Business Sectors. She also has extensive experience from the UK in the planning of research impact pathways and communication of the value of university research to society, economy, culture and the environment.