Laura has more than a decade of experience in fostering successful research programs to ensure impact.

Her passion is to help researchers and research organisations dream big and achieve success in their goal to address challenges of global significance. A researcher and innovator at heart, she has led transdisciplinary research at the intersection of medicine, biology, technology, chemistry and physics, and successfully navigated the entire spectrum from fundamental discovery to patent and commercialisation of her research through the Start-up company aiGene.

She has also held engagement and research development roles at Mater and UQ-Diamantina, establishing new capacity to foster innovations, secure national and international funding, build enduring partnerships, and design elegant solutions to ensure impact.

Laura has also held consumer representative and engagement roles, and thus brings a highly developed consumer-focus to her brokering approach to research.

She actively promotes the co-design of projects by helping researchers actively work together with end-users and other key stakeholders to multiply their research and translational value.