EV Game Changer Initiative

Electric Vehicles present tremendous new opportunities, including:Game Changer

  1. De-carbonising our transport and mobility
  2. Greater utilisation of our installed renewable energy generation and supporting grid stability
  3. Addressing growing social inequalities including transport and energy affordability.

Despite efforts to expedite EV adoption and the necessary investment in critical enabling infrastructure, currently Australia lags most developed nations in realising these opportunities.

Together with visionary partners, UQ’s Global Change Institute is leading a ‘game changing’ initiative that will:

  1. Fast-track Australian market development – rapidly double the number of battery EVs on Australian roads to drive market development (without the need and investment required to subsidise every new EV purchase).
  2. Fast-track regional jobs and benefits – deliver new skills and jobs across Australia and give all parts of the community better access to the social, economic and environmental benefits of EVs.
  3. Address growing transport and energy inequality – lead the world in addressing increasing social inequities by enabling low-income families to participate and benefit from EV ownership (demonstrate EV power as a social policy tool and the impact of directing incentives to those most in need).
  4. Deliver Australian evidence base – create a large, real life evidence base regarding actual EV user needs, habits and impacts across different Australian demographics and geographies (inform infrastructure, services and policy).

AUstralia's recharging station network is growing rapidly

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  1. Initiative overview for government and industry partners