Professor Saleem Ali (Sustainable Minerals Institute): Geopolitics of transboundary water and water security issues in south Asia.

Professor Helen Ross, School of Agriculture and Food Science
Integrated water resource management in Solomons Islands and Vanuatu: Building cooperation between governments and community.

Professor Jose Torero, School of Civil Engineering
Reinvent the Toilet Challenge: UQ is a member of an international consortium, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to bring sustainable sanitation solutions to the 2.5 billion people worldwide who don’t have access to safe, affordable sanitation.

Professor Karen Hussey – Global Change Institute
Environmental governance, water resources planning, and water management .

Professor Mark Moran, Institute for Social Science Research
Longer-term planning for environmental health systems to optimise available water resources for the best health outcomes.

Mark Pascoe, International Water Centre – Griffith/UQ
Integrated water resources management, and water, sanitation and hygiene capability development’

Professor Cindy Shannon, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Education)
Quantifying the health benefits of on-country activities in remote Indigenous communities.

Associate Professor Peter Hill, School of Public Health
Examining health and water in the UN Sustainable Development Goals - Associate

Dr Peter Westoby, School of Social Science
Considering WaSH in terms of going to scale, participatory approaches, training, and rights-based practices.

Dr Regina Souter, International Water Centre – Griffith/UQ
Water quality and river management in the Solomon Islands to prevent domestic water contamination.

Dr Jacqueline Robinson, School of Economics
Decision-support techniques to assist participatory decision-making.

Dr Dani Barrington, International Water Centre – Griffith/UQ
How appropriate technologies, community-led programs and public policy can improve health and Wellbeing by increasing sustainable access to and use of adequate water resources, sanitation and hygiene facilities and services.

Dr Paul Jagals, School of Public Health
Research in environmental health services systems development and impact assessment, and teaching in environmental health capacity building towards supporting the development outcomes.

Dr Laura Wendling, Agriculture and Food Sciences
Food security and water scarcity in the face of a rapidly changing global climate.

PhD Projects

Danielle Currie, School of Public Health
A systems dynamics approach to evidence-based decision making for Environmental Health in the South Pacific.

Adnan Choudhury, School of Public Health
The impact of land use policy on public health, the economy and environment: A Multi-criterion Analysis

Javier Cortes, School of Public Health
Integrated environmental health impact modelling of stressed environments

Angela Werner, School of Public Health
An environmentally-related health impact assessment of coal seam gas development activities in Queensland

Fran Curran, School of Chemical Engineering and UQ Energy Initiative
Cross-cultural knowledge-sharing and model-building for improved water management: an Australian and overseas comparative analysis -

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