Since its inception in 2010 the UQ Global Change institute has been a collaborative solutions hub, drawing on relevant research capabilities from across UQ and our partners.

Located in its own unique low-energy building at UQ’s St Lucia campus, the institute has become an important voice of independent innovative research, ideas, policy and advice for addressing the challenges of a changing world.

Working across both public and private sectors, the UQ Global Change Institute has played an influential role in creating and shaping public dialogue on issues such as coral-reef management, sustainable energy, and food security.

The institute’s mission is to draw together expertise from across UQ, industry, government and the community to address grand challenges and build a strong Australia within a competitive global economy.

To help achieve this important mission, the GCI has appointed Innovation Brokers across five key areas of impact.

  •     leading healthy lives
  •     building better bioeconomies
  •     achieving resilient environments and livelihoods
  •     designing technology for tomorrow
  •     transforming societies.

GCI brokers play a key role in ongoing research development across government departments and industries such as med-tech, the circular bio-economy, coral reef adaptation, industry 4.0 and human services delivery. The brokers are responsible for strategic relationships across governments, corporates, small-to-medium enterprises and industry-engaged research organisations.

They're there to build bridges between the university and its partners, meeting, planning, and reviewing with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, disciplines and levels, both inside and outside the university.

Typically, each broker has substantial experience in drafting and negotiating complex multi-partner deals, as well as the ability to problem-solve and apply sound judgement to complex and/or sensitive issues.