Professor Tapan Saha
Tel: +61 7 336  53962

Tapan Saha has been a Professor of Electrical Engineering and leader of the Power & Energy Systems research group in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at The University of Queensland since 2005.

Professor Saha’s research interests include condition monitoring of electrical equipment, power system stability and control and integration of renewable energy to the national grid. He has successfully supervised 35 PhD and 8 Masters by research students in the area of power systems. He has received numerous large-scale research grants from ARC, Queensland government and electricity supply industry. He has published more than 400 technical papers in journals and peer reviewed conferences. He is an IEEE Power & Energy Society Distinguished Lecturer.

Professor Saha has been actively involved with the Australian panels of CIGRE (the International Council on Large Electric Systems), and is a senior member of the IEEE. He is a CPEng and Fellow of Engineers Australia, and a Registered Professional Engineer of the state of Queensland (RPEQ).

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Professor John Foster
Tel: +61 7 3371 2096

Professor Foster has been a Professor of Economics at The University of Queensland since 1991, was Head of the School of Economics from 1999 to 2008 and is now Leader of the Energy Economics and Management Group (EEMG).

His research interests are in innovation strategies and policies to promote renewable energy; modelling the impacts of carbon mitigation policies on the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and on the wider economy; developing statistical / econometric modelling methodologies; integrating the energy sector into an evolutionary macroeconomic model of economic growth and complex economic systems theory.


Dr Ruifeng Yan
Tel: +61 7 334 61008Dr Ruifeng Yan

Dr Ruifeng Yan received the B. Eng. (Hons.) degree in Automation from University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China, in 2004, the M. Eng degree in Electrical Engineering from the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, in 2007 and PhD in Power and Energy Systems from the University of Queensland, Australia, in 2012.

He has been a research fellow with the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of Queensland since graduation. His expertise includes renewable energy integration to power systems, distribution system voltage imbalance and compensation, and power system stability and analysis. He has supervised 7 undergraduate thesis students, and he is currently co-supervising 2 PhD students and 2 undergraduate thesis students. He is also teaching fourth year courses - Advanced Electronic and Power Electronics Design, and Renewable Energy Integration: Technologies to Technical Challenges.

Dr Phillip Wild
Tel: +61 7 334 61004Dr Phil Wild

Dr Wild’s principal research interests are in energy economics.

He has developed the ANEM model of the NEM and has worked on both ARC Linkage and EIF/ARENA funded research projects investigating the impacts of carbon pricing and the increased penetration of renewable energy on the NEM’s wholesale electricity market. Key research topics investigated include fuel-switching impacts, the merit order effect, transmission network adequacy and carbon pass-through effects.  Research applications to renewable energy systems have included wind and solar power, with this research including PV yield modelling, financial feasibility analysis based on LCOE and NPV analysis, and policy support mechanisms based on feed-in tariff designs.

Dr Wild’s previous research experience has been in the areas of econometric modelling of National Energy Market (NEM) spot price and load time series data, time-series analysis and macro-econometric modelling.  Dr Wild has a PhD from The University of Queensland specialising in the field of macro-economic modelling and is a subscribing member of the International Association of Energy Economics, The Climate Council and is also a member of the UQ Energy Economics and Management Group (EEMG).

Dr Lynette Molyneaux
+61 7 3346 1003

Lynette Molyneaux is currently researching the resilience of electricity systems . Looking at historical trends, how resilient will electricity systems of the future be to changes in energy prices, supply, electricity demand and environmental policies.

Prior research includes an investigation into systems for carbon abatement with particular emphasis on incentives for investment in abatement technologies.

Work experience includes many years in the Information Technology sector in financial analysis, product management, relationship management, and financial management.

Vince Garrone
Mob: +61 0419 686 453

Vince Garrone is the Technical Operations Manager (UQ Solar) responsible for the operational activities of the 3.275MW Gatton Solar Research Facility.

He is a Registered Professional Electrical Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) with more than 30 years’ experience in distribution utilities and in the private sector; the latter encompassing railway control systems and mineral processing plants. His particular areas of expertise include voltage management and the impact of renewable based distributed generation such as photovoltaics on electricity distribution networks. Vince is also experienced in photovoltaic system design, distribution network performance assessment and reporting, project management and the design and commissioning of technology projects.

Vince has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Diploma of Education and Certificates in Photovoltaics and Inverter Energy Systems. He is a member of the Electric Energy Society of Australia and was a former committee member of the Queensland Branch of the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia and the Electrical Networks Association Power Quality and Electric and Magnetic Fields Committees. He has several patents including one for utilising a mix of power line carrier and wireless technology to implement demand management. One of his particular interests has been the design and manufacture of test equipment for power utilities; a self-managed cottage industry that produced over 5000 devices for domestic and US customers during a 30-year period.



Photovoltaic Array

Live Data Feed – view real-time and historical information on electricity generated by the UQ Solar St Lucia Array.  The data from the meters is transmitted every minute to the server that generates the live data feed. Due to the time needed to send, receive and process data, the information on the live feed display is less than two minutes “old”.

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