Dr Christine Hosking
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Christine’s main research interests have involved using a range of systematic conservation planning tools to model the predicted distribution of terrestrial species under future climate change and identify ‘climate change refugia’, using koalas and their food trees as case study species.

Dr Hawthorne Beyer
ARC Early Career Research Fellow

Hawthorne Beyer is a quantitative ecologist working on conservation and environmental management problems. His research focuses on i) the dynamics and control of wildlife disease and vectors of disease; ii) mechanistic animal movement models that quantify habitat and movement processes in a single unified framework; and iii) optimisation of resource allocation to ecological management problems.

Dr Emma KennedyDr Emma Kennedy
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

A postdoctoral research fellow, Emma Kennedy is a research scientist working on the 50reefs initiative. The 50reefs project aims to use the best available science to identify and prioritise protection efforts on the coral reefs that are least vulnerable to climate change, and also have the greatest capacity to repopulate other reefs over time.

Dr Feifei (Ivy) Bai
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Feifei (Ivy) Bai's research interests include PV integration impacts, battery energy storage integration research, power system low-frequency oscillation analysis and control. Dr Bai received her Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering and its Automation from Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China in 2010 and she received her Ph.D. Degree in Power System and its Automation from Southwest Jiaotong University in 2016.

Dr Phillip Wild
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Phillip Wild brings agent based modelling capability to project 1 'Control Methodologies of Distributed Generation' and project 2 'Market and Economic Modelling of the impacts of Distributed Generation' at the Global Change Institute.

Dr Ruifeng Yan
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Ruifeng Yan's research interests include photovoltaic and wind integration impacts, unbalanced network analysis and power system stability.

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