Ray is a researcher in sustainability strategies, a building designer, a teacher of sustainable design and an active member of NGO’s and research groups. He has a history of successful research and publications atÊUQ with direct industry implementation on a national scale.    Ray is a primary author of the new National Rail Station Design Guidelines as well as conference papers on urban design, ecological footprints and population growth. He has inspired others through conference presentations, industry workshops, and lectures to university students. Ray is undertaking his PhD at UQ on integrated sustainability strategies which seeks to  synthesise the complex and interdependent fields of sustainability and present them simply via diagrams of social-ecological networks. He has a Masters of Architecture and a Bachelor of Design. He has practiced freelance building design since 2003 and has recently begun Project Habitation with his wife. He is also a member of the Urban Design Alliance and UQ’s Centre for Sustainable Design. Ray’s main expertise is in drawing together the many diverse aspects of sustainability and synthesising them into mutually-supportive design responses.

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