David’s interests are in the field of applied agricultural biotechnology, studying the structure, evolution and expression of plant genomes. His research includes the discovery and application of molecular genetic markers and applied bioinformatics, with a focus on improving crop plants to feed a growing population in a period of climate change. David is a founding coordinator of the international climate change genomics consortium (http://www.climatechangegenomics.org/) and he co-organises climate change sessions at the annual Plant and Animal Genome meeting in San Diego, the largest crop genomics meeting in the world. He is currently working with Elsevier to organise a conference in Amsterdam - Agriculture and Climate Change, Adapting crops to increased uncertainty. He has diverse experience, having worked in industry, government and academia. His training includes a PhD from the University of Cambridge and an honours degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Nottingham. In addition to a small amount of lecturing in Plant Science and bioinformatics, he currently supervises 14 PhD students, publishes extensively in high impact journals, has active editorial roles for several journals and participates in numerous diverse international collaborative initiatives.

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