Kaye Basford is a Professor in Biometry, with extensive academic leadership experience including 10 years as Head of School and 3 years as the President of the UQ Academic Board.

Kaye’s academic focus has been in the statistical analysis of genotypic adaptation, with an emphasis on the analysis and interpretation of data from large-scale multi-environment plant breeding experiments, such as those conducted by the international agricultural research centres in the CGIAR, a global research partnership for a food-secure future.  CGIAR science is dedicated to reducing poverty, enhancing food and nutrition security, and improving natural resources and ecosystem services.  She is Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees of one of these centres, the International Rice Research Institute.

Her first book, McLachlan and Basford (1988), presented the theory and application of the mixture method of clustering, while her second, Basford and Tukey (1999), detailed various graphical approaches to analysing multi-response data. Kaye has published extensively in the peer-reviewed literature and has supervised/co-supervised 24 PhD and 4 research masters graduates.  She has attracted competitive research funds from government and industry bodies supporting a range of projects including the high-profile Australian Centre for Plant functional Genomics (ACPFG), a joint $41M initiative based in Adelaide, with nodes in Melbourne and Brisbane.

In 1998, Kaye was awarded the highest possible accolade from the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology - the Australian Medal for Agriculture.  In 2006, she was awarded a Fellowship with the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering for having developed statistical methods that are used worldwide to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of crop breeding programs.  She is now Vice President of that Academy and member of the Board of Crawford Fund Limited, having previously served as a Past President of the International Biometric Society and the Statistical Society of Australia Incorporated.

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