27 March 2018
Coral Reefs under Global Change
Coral Reefs under Global Change


[Please note: Entries for GCI's 2018 photography competition have now closed. Winners will be announced via GCI's Facebook page on Monday, 11 June]


The theme for the 2018 Global Change Institute photo competition is ‘Coral Reefs under Global Change’.

Oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface and play a crucial role in determining weather, stabilising planetary temperature and regulating the atmosphere.

Life would not be possible without our oceans. Coral reefs make up 0.1% of the Earth’s surface, and yet they are known to house as much as 25% of all marine biodiversity.

Research shows that at the current rate of warming, coral reefs – which provide food, jobs and storm protection to several hundred million people – will disappear completely by 2050.

More than simply warming marine waters, climate change is also inducing increased ocean acidity that will take generations to negate.

Int. Year of the Reef

In this the International Year of the Reef, rising sea levels, unsustainable fishing, global pollution and coastal development are all threatening the future of our coral reefs, and the resources they provide.

The UQ Global Change Institute is seeking images to illustrate the important message that the future of our coral reefs is at a crucial tipping point.

To this end the GCI is part of the ambitious 50 Reefs project to protect the world’s 50 most strategically important coral reefs.

Photo competition entries can be from an economic, social/cultural or environmental perspective.

Inspirational interpretations resulting from visits to coral reefs around the world are also welcome.

Whether you’re a student, a serious photographer or simply looking for photographic inspiration – we would encourage you to enter.

First prize is a GoPro HERO6 Black with battery/charger, action carry case and 32 GB microSDXC memory card, valued at AUS$730.

First prize

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