Sustainable Water program at the Global Change Institute
Sustainable Water program at the Global Change Institute

The GCI Sustainable Water Program will bring together researchers and others ‘enablers’ on water-related challenges for new, bigger-picture, cross-disciplinary projects.

Existing and specific research expertise will be promoted but not replicated. Emphasis will be placed on developing a path to impact and change from the research outputs, and bringing together end-users with researchers and funders at each crucial stage of the project. This will ensure appropriate and maximum adoption, dissemination and uptake of the research outputs, and effective translation of the outputs to policy and adoption outcomes.

The four themes of the Sustainable Water program are set out below. 

  • Water for Productive Economies considers water as a resource and at risk of impact during agricultural and mining activities.
  • Water for Cities examines how water is sourced, used and disposed of in an urban environment. It examines the pressure on the catchments that supply our water, the treatment and provision of fresh water, and the downstream management of sewage and stormwater.
  • Water for the Environment considers the value of water from a biodiversity and ecosystems services perspective that captures both an intrinsic value as well as an anthropocentric value.
  • Water-resilient Communities explicitly examines the social contexts and structure within which communities can access safe and accessible fresh water supplies, sanitation, and hygiene, and ensure resilience during climate variability, extreme weather events and natural disasters.

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