Brendan graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Economics and with a Deans Commendations for High Achievement in 2011 and was listed on the BEL Faculty Dean’s Honour Roll for outstanding academic excellence. Through this time, hewas part time employed at the Supreme Court of Queensland Library, and during that time was exposed by the Supreme Court Librarian at the time, Aladin Rahemtulia, to a wide array of literature beyond that which I was exposed to in economics, and which was a formative experience in my intellectual development. In early 2012 he was an intern for six weeks with the Australian Energy Regulator within the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission, where he was immersed in work on the National Electricity Market and the process of competition policy.    After finishing his pass degree he commenced a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) under the supervision of Professor John Foster.  His research during this year was directed toward developing a theoretical understanding of the income distribution in complex economic systems, a surprisingly understudied area.

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