'A research agenda for food systems' symposium, held on 6 April 2016, was the first in a series of events planned to build discourse on common objectives, priorities for research, education, and engagement, and to build and support a ’community of practice’ on Food Systems at The University of Queensland.

The symposium brought together 28 professionals from the University, representing a cross-section of researchers and senior academics. It was structured around three plenary sessions featuring eight keynote speakers on a range of food systems dimensions including activities, outcomes, drivers and feedbacks. It also featured two workshops of smaller groups to allow all participants to enter into practical discussions, and explored shared meanings on food systems, and also deliberated on the future development of communities of practice in food systems.

Below are the workshop presentations from the plenary sessions on 6 April:

Food Systems Approach
Bill Bellotti

Food Systems and Social Outcomes
Geoff Lawrence

Food-Systems and Public Health Outcomes
Geoff Marks

Climate Risks and the Productivity Challenge in Field Crops
Graeme Hammer

Resilience and Food Systems
Helen Ross

Food Systems and Global Change
Joe Lane

Food Systems Supply Chain Activities
Kym Bryceson

Environmental Outcomes for Food Systems
Marguerite Renouf et al


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