19 October 2017
Graham Readfearn's podcast Positive Feedback
Graham Readfearn's podcast Positive Feedback

Special feature podcast

Graham Readfearn is a well-known Brisbane-based journalist who specialises in writing about science and environment for international media outlets.

Graham also produces and hosts ‘Positive Feedback’, a podcast about climate change, denial, and everything in between.

In a recent conversation between Graham and Global Change Institute Director Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, we discover that Ove “almost fell off the chair” when he realised how vulnerable the world's coral reefs would be to climate change.

As Graham discovers, despite being attacked as an "alarmist" it's possible that Ove may have been too conservative after all.

Follow the Soundcloud links below or visit this page. (DUR: 47' 43 sec)

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