GCI Seminar room
Seminar Room: The GCI building is constructed of recycled and recyclable materials that, where possible, were sourced locally.

The Global Change Institute Living Building features several unique spaces which are suitable for meetings, workshops, small seminars and events.

How to book

Please complete an event booking form and RISQ Form (Internal groups only), and return to gci@uq.edu.au.

You will be notified as soon as possible whether your requested space is available.


For additional enquiries, please contact reception on (07) 3443 3100 or email gci@uq.edu.au

To reduce energy consumption, the Global Change Institute relies mainly on passive cooling and ventilation.

If you intend on visiting the GCI building at UQ's St Lucia campus, please remember to dress with the Brisbane climate in mind.

A multi-level stage is available for hire for use in the Atrium (Event space 277) and Group Learning Room 273.

Available spaces and rates


Hourly rate

Half day
(less than 4 hours)

Full day
(4 hours or more)


Meeting Rooms
Level 3 (Room 371)
  $100 $150 18
Seminar/Workshop Spaces
Seminar Room
Level 2 (Room 275)
$80 $250 $400 45
Group Learning Space
Level 2 (Room 273)
  $350 $500 49
Event Spaces
The Atrium
Level 2 (Room 277)
$100     100 (standing)

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