16 April 2014

These 50 stunning university buildings demonstrate that function and efficiency need not come at the expense of visual impact and appeal.

In developing this list, The Best Masters Degree looked for structures that reflect leadership in sustainability and also have significant visual impact. Many of these projects have earned a formal “green” rating from one agency or another, and most all of them have earned other coveted design awards.

At BestMastersDegrees.com, they believe that this emphasis on the part of a university shows outstanding long-term thinking and has the potential to enrich the lives of students and the surrounding community in profound ways.

They also looked for diversity in function, which is why they’ve included the likes of field research stations, schools of nursing, transportation centers, student recreation centers, residence halls, science and technology centers, and more.

The Best Masters Degree would like to congratulate the institutions whose buildings made this list, and we hope these examples can be a source of inspiration for schools considering such projects in the future.

The GCI is very excited to have ranked #34 on this international list!

See the Top 50 list here.

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