Photo: Neil Palmer (CIAT)
Photo: Neil Palmer (CIAT)

The Global Change Institute's Food Security Discussion Series started in March 2014, taking up the batton following the First International Conference on Global Food Security held in the Netherlands the previous October.

Food security is a truly multidisciplinary concern, and this project aimed to bring researchers and students together across discipline boundaries to share their perspectives and findings, and to build connections. Contributions have been made from agronomy, economics, geography, ecology, nutrition, food safety, demography and sociology.

Seminars are usually scheduled on Wednesday lunchtimes, and fortnightly during the teaching semesters.

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Food Security Discussion Series

17 Oct 2016
A/Prof. Kim Bryceson
Technology and Food Security - Mixing and Matching Needs

20 Oct 2016
Sunny Sanderson
Malaysian oil palm and Indonesian labour migration: a perspective from Sarawak

16 Oct 2016
Prof. Bill Bellotti
Food and Nutrition Security through a Food Systems Lens

22 Sep 2016
Prof. M. Adil Khan
Climate Change and vulnerabilities: challenges and options for South Asia

8 Sep 2016
Gunnar Kirchhof
Food security: some challenging thoughts about current developments from a soil management perspective

25 Aug 2016
Prof. Tor Hundloe
Australia’s Role in Feeding the World: The future of Australian agriculture

11 Aug 2016
Dr Marguerite Renouf
Research challenges for informing environmentally sustainable food systems for Australia

28 July 2016
Dr Jane O'Sullivan
Population Health & Environment (PHE): Holistic rural development exploits cross-sectoral synergies

16 June 2016
Julius Kotir
The future of water for agriculture in the Volta River Basin in West Africa: modelling biophysical and socio-economic influences

2 June 2016
Professor Geoffrey Lawrence
Food Security Challenges for the 21st Century

19 May 2016
A/Professor Daniel Rodriguez, PhD
To mulch or to munch? Modelling the benefits and trade-offs in the use of crop residues in Kenya

5 May 2016
Dr Jo-Anne Everingham
Food, Fuel and Fibre from the Rural Heartland

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