Date & Time: 
Wednesday 10 April 2019


Dr John Ingram

University of Oxford, UK
Currently visiting The University of Queensland on an OECD Research Fellowship

Wednesday, 10 April 2019 (2.30 – 4.00 pm)
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, University of Queensland

Unlike Australia, the UK is far from self-sufficient in many staple foods. The UK imports about half of the total food consumed (including large volumes of fruit and vegetables, much from water-scarce countries, notably Spain), and the proportion is rising. Brexit (if and how it happens), and associated changes in international trade arrangements, will affect both prices and logistics of UK imports.

But both nations are exposed to a range of challenges in other ways. These include climate change, extreme weather and natural resource depletion, concurrent with changes in socio-economic-cultural conditions. Some of these changes are gradual (e.g. global mean temperature increase, demographics, dietary change, cultural evolution, sea-level rise), and can be thought of as increasing stresses. Others can be sudden (e.g. extreme weather events, financial market crashes, disease outbreaks, political volatility, trade wars, conflict), and are thought of as shocks. This then leads to the question of how can the resilience of our food systems be enhanced in the face of these stresses and shocks?

The seminar will introduce the UK’s £15 million program “Resilience of the UK Food System” and present its latest thinking relating to robustness, recovery and reorientation. It will then relate these to a range of resilience issues for the Australian food system, as identified during John’s OECD Research Fellowship to UQ.

2.00 pm: Registration and coffee

2.30 pm: Welcome – Bill Bellotti, Professor of Food Systems, SAFS UQ

2:35 pm: Opening comments – Beth Woods, Director-General, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland Government

2.45 pm: Seminar – “Notions of Food System Resilience”: John Ingram, University of Oxford

3.15 pm: Discussion –  Chaired by Bill Bellotti

4.00 pm:  Close
If you are able to participate, please register for the seminar here.

Room 273, UQ Global Change Institute, Building 20, The University of Queensland, St Lucia

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