Co-designing research impact objectives

Different types of impact: conceptual, instrumental, capacity-building, enduring connectivity

  • Contributions to impact: who can do what / spheres of influence
  • Contextual factors, including key drivers
  • Co-designing a shared vision
  • Identifying and unpacking key challenges
  • Co-designing pathways forward (commercialisation etc.)


  • REF Toolkit - Module 1: Understanding impact
  • REF Toolkit - Module 2: Identifying your impact objective
  • Workshop guide: activities to co-design a shared vision (TBD)
  • Workshop guide: activities to identify and unpack challenges (TBD)
  • Workshop guide: activities to co-design pathways forward (TBD)

About Co-designing Research for Impact

[PLEASE NOTE. Due to high demand, several of the workshop modules have already been booked out. If the session you seek is not available, you're encouraged to register your interest via the relevant waitlist. A new series of workshops is planned for 2022. ]

Research impact is becoming increasingly important in traditional funding opportunities, as well as being the primary consideration by non-traditional funding bodies (philanthropy, direct industry funding, World Bank/UN funding etc.).

Participants who complete this training will be able to:

  • Identify and engage the appropriate stakeholders with respect
  • Co-design research with impact that involves diverse internal and external stakeholders, including the impact objectives, theory of change, and the monitoring and learning associated with continuous improvement
  • Prepare and facilitate co-design workshops to achieve specific objectives
  • Develop a communications strategy for the research
  • Understand the role of leadership when co-designing research for impact.

The complete program is comprised of six (two-hour) workshops (12.00 - 2.00 pm) over six consecutive weeks, beginning Wednesday 27 October. 

Target Audience: PhD, ECR, ECA level

(Please note: Each module is also offered as a stand-alone unit, so people can register for individual workshops. However, priority will be given to groups that wish to work through the entire program together, around a particular research questions/problem. Although workshop numbers are strictly limited, a waitlist will be introduced if required.)


Global Change Institute (Building 20)
Staff House Rd
St Lucia Campus
The University of Queensland

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