Dr Julie Vercelloni
Dr Julie Vercelloni

Dr Julie Vercelloni
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Healthy Oceans)
Tel: (+61 7) 3365 6009
Email: j.vercelloni@uq.edu.au

Julie is a research scientist working on the XL Catlin Seaview Survey.

She is primarily interested in broad-scale coral reef modelling with an emphasis on Bayesian approaches.

Julie grew-up in south of France between the Mediterranean Sea and Proven├žal forests. After finishing her PhD in applied statistics, she worked on the development of the 'Monitoring through Many Eyes' project that aimed to improve the monitoring of the Great Barrier Reef by using images from contributors at the Queensland University of Technology.


  • Vercelloni, J., M.J Caley and K. Mengersen. 2017. Crown-of-Thorns starfish undermine the resilience of coral populations on the Great Barrier Reef. Global Ecology and Biogeography. In Press
  • Vercelloni, J., K. Mengersen and M.J Caley. 2017. Improved coral population estimation reveals trends at multiple scales on the Great Barrier Reef. Ecosystems, doi:10.1007/s10021-017-0115-2.
  • Berdnarz, T., J. Kim, R. Brown, A. James, K. Burrage, S. Clifford, J. Davis, K. Mengersen, E. Peterson, S. Psaltis and J. Vercelloni. 2016. Virtual Reality for conservation. Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Web3D Technology.
  • Kayal, M., J. Vercelloni, M.P Wand and M. Adjeroud. 2015. Searching for the best bet in life-strategy: a quantitative approach to individual performances and population dynamics in reef-building corals. Ecological Complexity, 23, 73-84.
  • Vercelloni, J., M.J Caley, M. Kayal, S. Low-Choy and K. Mengersen. 2014. Understanding Uncertainties in Non-Linear Population Trajectories: A Bayesian Semi-Parametric Hierarchical Approach to Large-Scale Surveys of Coral Cover. PLoS ONE 9: e110968.
  • Kayal, M., J. Vercelloni, T. Lison de Loma, P. Bosserelle, Y. Chancerelle, et al. 2012. Predator crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci) outbreak, mass mortality of corals, and cascading effects on reef fish and benthic communities. PloS one 7:e47363.
  • Mourier, J., J. Vercelloni and S. Planes. 2012. Evidence of social communities in a spatially structured network of a free-ranging shark species. Animal Behavior 83(2), 389-401.

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