Dr Christine Hosking

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Email: Christine Hosking

Christine’s main research interests have involved using a range of systematic conservation planning tools to model the predicted distribution of terrestrial species under future climate change and identify ‘climate change refugia’, using koalas and their food trees as case study species.

Currently she is investigating the potential impacts of climate change on future agriculture, to assist Natural Resource Management bodies in developing climate change adaptation plans. Christine hopes that this information will be useful to decision-makers, planners and landholders to enhance ecosystem function and sustainable farming in a rapidly developing landscape and a changing climate.

Christine’s agricultural modelling for NRM groups in the East Coast Cluster can be found at https://www.terranova.org.au/repository/east-coast-nrm-collection

Key book and journal publications

1. 'Can a problem-solving approach strengthen landscape ecology’s contribution to sustainable landscape planning?' McAlpine, C.A. Seabrook, L.M., Rhodes, J.R., Maron, M. , Smith, C., Bowen, M.E. , Butler, S.A., Powell, O., Ryan, J.G., Fyfe, C.T., Adams-Hosking, C., Smith, A., Robertson, O., Howes, A., Cattarino, L. (2010). Landscape Ecology 25, 1155-1168.

2. ' Modelling the potential range of the koala at the Last Glacial Maximum: future conservation implications', Christine Adams-Hosking, Patrick T. Moss Jonathan R. Rhodes, Hedley S. Grantham and Clive McAlpine (2011) Australian Zoologist, 35 (4), 983-990.

3. ' Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for the Koala', Christine Adams-Hosking (2011). National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF). Adaptation Case Study Series. Available at: http://df.arcs.org.au/quickshare/6c2ceb03ec62e89f/koalacasestudy_final.pdf

4. 'Climate Change: lessons from Copenhagen and Cancun, and implications for Australia, its regional ecosystems and wildlife', eds. Lunney, Daniel and Hutchings, Pat. C. A. McAlpine, L. M.  Seabrook, C. Adams-Hosking, K. H. Hartley and J. Syktus (2012) in: Wildlife and Climate Change: Towards robust conservation strategies for Australian fauna. Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales, Mosman, NSW.

5. 'Modelling climate change-induced shifts in the distribution of the koala', Christine Adams-Hosking, Hedley S. Grantham, Jonathan R. Rhodes, Clive McAlpine and Patrick T. Moss (2011) Wildlife Research 38, 122-130.

6.  'Validation of land surface products for modelling the climate impacts of large-scale revegetation in Queensland', Jianting Chu, Jozef Syktus, Clive McAlpine, Marcus Thatcher, Peter Scarth, Stephen Jeffrey, Jack Katzfey, Hong Zhang, John McGregor and Christine Adams-Hosking (2012). 19th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Perth, Australia, 12–16 December 2011.

7.  'Modelling changes in the distribution of the critical food resources of a specialist folivore in response to climate change', Christine Adams-Hosking, Clive McAlpine, Jonathan R. Rhodes, Hedley S. Grantham and Patrick T. Moss (2012) Diversity and Distributions 18, 847–860. 

8. 'Koalas and climate change: Priority koala conservation areas for Central Queensland', Christine Adams-Hosking, Clive McAlpine, Jonathan Rhodes, Hedley Grantham and Patrick Moss (2012). In: Conserving Central Queensland’s Koalas, eds.  Nicole Flint and Alistair Melzer, Koala Research Centre of Central Queensland Central Queensland University, Rockhampton Qld.

9. 'Scoping Study: Final Report. The Potential Impacts of Coal Seam Gas on Biodiversity', Sep 2013. A study prepared for the University of Queensland Centre for Coal Seam Gas, The Sustainable Minerals Institute, E. Williams, P. Erskine, B. Schoettker and Landscape Ecology and Conservation Group, The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management, C. Adams-Hosking, C. McAlpine, L. Seabrook.

10. 'Prioritizing Regions to Conserve a Specialist Folivore: Considering Probability of Occurrence, Food Resources, and Climate Change', Christine Adams-Hosking, Hedley S. Grantham, Jonathan R. Rhodes, Patrick T. Moss and Clive McAlpine (2014)   Conservation Letters, 8 (3), 162–170.

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