Will Australia become less competitive globally in electricity markets if it does not adopt new technologies to generate clean energy?  The Global Change Institute’s (GCI) Clean Energy program addresses critical questions like this through research projects on Australia’s global competitiveness in electricity markets.

GCI researchers have taken into account the wide range of views on the mix of technologies, which are likely to be used in the future to generate Australia’s power.

Although Australia currently focuses on more mature renewable technologies such as wind and solar power, there is expected to be a significant uptake of other technologies, such as geothermal, biomass and ocean energy, which have progressed significantly in Europe in recent years.

This important research is relevant for energy leaders, scientists and policymakers in Australia and around the world.

GCI has delivered three technical reports as a result of this research. Download the reports below:

Delivering a Competitive Australian Power System Technical Reports

Part 1: Australia’s global position (November 2011)

Download the Summary Report (8.7MB pdf)
Read and download the Full Report 

Part 2: The challenges, the scenarios (February 2013)

Download the Summary Report (1.6MB pdf) 
Download the Full Report (4.1MB pdf)

Part 3: A better way to competitive power in 2035 (October 2013)

Download the Full Report

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