The CarbonGame is an interactive online simulation program that teaches advanced practical skills in carbon and energy management. Recognising that carbon management is a new and significant challenge for government and business, researchers developed the CarbonGame as a learning tool to help organisations build capacity to adapt and prosper in a low carbon economy. Understanding carbon trading is increasingly important, as more than 90 countries now have a price on carbon.

The CarbonGame has been played by more than 4000 participants from 16 countries since it launched. Industry bodies, Governments, some of the world’s largest companies, and leading development agencies such as the World Bank, the United Nations Development Program and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations have all supported and participated in the initiative. The simulation has won multiple awards, including the UQ’s Vice Chancellors Award for Internationalisation (2014) and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (2014), and was shortlisted for the UNFCCC’s Momentum for Change Lighthouse Awards (2014).

Supported by the Global Change Institute, CarbonGame is an initiative led by Dr Paul Dargusch and Dr Adrian Ward. The CarbonGame builds on the CarbonLab and UQ SMART, leading University of Queensland initiatives in carbon management teaching and research.

Organisations from government and non-government sectors who are interested in learning more the CarbonGame can contact Adrian Ward to arrange a demonstration.

Students can also use the CarbonGame to assist in their studies and can access associated simulation learning tools in carbon footprinting, marginal abatement cost evaluation, carbon offset development and appraisal, energy auditing and energy efficiency project evaluation.

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