Andrew is a crop physiologist with QAAFI (UQ) and Centre Leader of the Queensland Government’s Hermitage Research Facility, a centre of excellence for crop production in water-limited environments. His research and consulting experiences are diverse - from nation building in East Timor with World Vision International - to working with the Norwegian Government to assess impacts of climate change on rice production in Vietnam - to determining the extent of genetic variation in Ethiopia’s sorghum collection for drought adaptation traits with the Gates Foundation.

Andrew’s research addresses the challenge of producing more food with less water. He has BAgrSc and MAgrSc degrees from the University of Melbourne and a PhD from UQ. Andrew is a Churchill Fellow and has served as Secretary-General of the Asian Crop Science Association. His primary research interest is the physiological/molecular basis of drought and frost adaptation in cereals. Other research interests include the efficiency with which resources (radiation, water and nitrogen) are utilized by crop plants, understanding genetic variation in photosynthesis, and developing sustainable cropping systems.

Andrew currently has research projects in Australia, US, sub-Saharan Africa, India and Vietnam. His research is funded by GRDC, ACIAR, Generation Challenge Program, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bioforsk and ARC. Andrew has published more than 100 articles in scientific journals, books and conference proceedings, as well as presenting his research in more than 20 countries.

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