Matt McDonald is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the School of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS). 

He joined UQ in 2010, having previously held positions at the University of Warwick (2007-2009) and the University of Birmingham (2004-2007) in the UK, and the University of New South Wales (2003-2004).  Matt completed his PhD at UQ in 2003.

Matt researches and publishes on global environmental politics, international security, Australian climate policy and Australian foreign policy. 

His main area of expertise is in critical theoretical approaches to security in international relations, and their application to environmental change and Australian foreign and climate policy.

He has argued that traditional approaches to security in international relations (associated with the territorial preservation of the nation-state) are ethically limited and increasingly inconsistent with global interdependence and the transnational nature of many of the most important security challenges. In contrast, we should recognise that security can be understood and practiced in a wider range of ways with different practical implications.

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