Melaleuca Fire Creek. Photo:
Melaleuca Fire Creek. Photo:

The Global Change Institute has announced the first of two new Flagship Projects, valued at up to $120,000 over two years.

Flagship Projects cut across disciplinary and thematic boundaries at The University of Queensland, demanding new ways of thinking.

The GCI’s first Flagship Project involves investigators from UQ’s School of Social Science; the School of Political Science and International Studies; and School of Economics.

Other project partners include:

The project – ‘We Are The People From That Land: Centring Indigenous peoples’ rights in the transition to a sustainable, low carbon future’ – will explore the international Indigenous movement that is re-imagining human rights and social and economic development in the global era of scarce water resources, climate change and energy transition.

Spokesperson for the W&J Council, Ms Murrawah Johnson said the project would explore the importance of cultural collaborations and knowledge in Indigenous human rights.

“This is a great opportunity for the Wangan and Jagalingou people to chart a new path to justice and sustainability, and to social and economic opportunities in the transition to a low-carbon world,” Ms Johnson said

“The project will help shape a shared understanding of how to sustain our lands and waters and enrich our culture, and build our futures on this.

“It will address Indigenous rights in the context of domestic and International human rights law.”

The new Flagship Project was backed by long-time Global Change Institute supporter Dr Graeme Wood.

Dr Wood said the Wangan and Jagalingou council leaders were ‘forging new ground’ in our understanding of Indigenous rights in Australia in the transition to a low carbon and just future.

Media: Associate Professor Kristen Lyons, UQ School of Social Science,




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