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Tuesday 13 March 2018

Planning the Nutrient Stewardship Initiative 2018

University of Queensland scientists are launching a new monthly series of seminars focussing on nutrient stewardship and the development of next generation fertilisers.

Coordinated by UQ’s Professor Susanne Schmidt, this interdisciplinary group will include input from industry and government stakeholders.

This seminar series explores Nutrient Stewardship with interdisciplinary research and development across agriculture and biology, process and material engineering, social and economic contexts.

The overall aim is to avoid waste and pollution and achieve a circular nutrient economy:

  1. Nutrient efficient plants and crop systems
  2. Technology and material innovation to prevent nutrient losses
  3. Nutrient recycling technology to efficiently repurpose nutrients from (in)organic wastes
  4. Reducing the greenhouse footprint of fertilisers
  5. Functional fertilisers: crop probiotics, bio-stimulants, bio-hydrogels
  6. Technologies to synchronise nutrient release from fertilisers and crop nutrient demand
  7. Next-generation fertilisers that improve soil function and carbon sequestration
  8. Nutrient stewardship in social and techno-economic contexts and future bio-economies

Seminar schedule in 2018

Due to a teaching committment in First Semeseter 2018, Professor Susanne Schmidt is only available on the second Tuesday of each month.

Tuesday, 27 March (postponed from 13 March)

Cameron Jackson & Matthew Mulliss – Queensland Urban Utilities
QUU’s nutrient management approach, and nutrient recovery opportunities/challenges

10 April


15 May

Dr Bronwyn Laycock and Ian Levitt
Advances in Next-generation Fertiliser Formulations  an update from Advance Qld Innovation Partnership

16 June


10 July

Scott Buckley

Interested parties are encouraged to register their interest.

For more information, please contact Professor Susanne Schmidt.

Next meeting: Tuesday, 13 March February 2018 (Midday – 1.00 pm)

Room 257
Global Change Institute (Blg 20)
The University of Queensland, St Lucia

Global Change Institute (Blg 20) The University of Qld St Lucia

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