Date & Time: 
Wednesday 9 November 2016

How do we build, and upscale a fair food system?

Please join us for this half-day symposium to connect, explore, envisage and celebrate the transition to a fair food system.

Evidence shows that the corporate, industrial food system is linked to food insecurity, poor labour conditions and degraded environments globally. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that around 800 million people are undernourished globally. The current food system places pressure on the natural environment and facilitates gender inequality, poverty, ill-health, political conflict and migration.

Despite these problems, solutions toward a fair and sustainable food system are emerging. Recent years have seen the rise in the politics and practices of food justice, where organisations have formed to lobby, coordinate and collaborate. Likewise ‘fair food practitioners’ have mobilised to produce and distribute food that aligns with community values.

During this symposium, speakers from a variety of backgrounds will evaluate current food system dynamics and explore the attributes of a fairer food system, drawing on theoretical, creative and actual examples. What might an upscaled fair food system look like? What are the barriers and how do we overcome them? What forms of food system governance and action will help overcome food inequalities? How can the public goods associated with fair food systems be better realised?

We invite those involved or interested in fair, healthy, sustainable food systems to come along and engage in discussion.

REGISTRATIONS ARE ESSENTIAL - Refreshments will be provided


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The End Room Brisbane Square Library 266 George Street Brisbane, Queensland 4000 View Map

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